Best site out of those trackable to PS for Headsup?

    • whateverdude
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      Title says it all, recently I got into headsup, and MAN IS IT A GREAT GAME !!! Nothing to do with SH or FR games, its like you are playing a 100% completely different game, almost no luck even in the short run if u are patient and play only small pots unless you got the nuts, at least against fish that is :D

      Anyways, the point of the matter is, because of my new love in headsup I've almost lost my gold status here, cause I play headsup at a poker site that is not in pokerstrategy's list of sites that can be tracked, making great profit there btw, but I want to move to a pokerstrategy tracked site.
      So, I'm looking for a pokerroom that
      :diamond: can be tracked to PS
      :diamond: has C A S H headsup tables(I hate any form of SnGs) starting at at least NL25
      :diamond: IS FISHY

      So far Titan looks like the only option, and from what I read in it's section in the forums here, lots of folks really hate that site, and I am very prone to tilt because of retarded software, much more likely than tilting from variance in the game itself.
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    • Anssi
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      Cake Poker is easy choice. It has rakeback which is essencial for Heads Up and enough traffic.
    • NiekamNeidomu
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      whats your win rate on hu? most of the time i play SH games but i never quit table if some fish decide to play Hu with me :D it's quite funny i have something about 200bb/100hands winrate in hu ;) i was thinking for my self to go play HU games .. but pp just sux for it T_T
    • TwiceT
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      hu rockz!!!

      - for low limit players ftp might be a good choice. 27% rb. no need for any status.
      - i personally play(ed) a lot at party and like(d) it a lot. the problem is that there are really a ton of regs at 200+, but at lower limits it should be easy. 30%++ rb as palladium
      - stars seems to be great. good traffic, good vip system as supernova. might be my first choice for nl and plo hu cash in the future.
    • Alexd10
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      Looks like the diamond members have got this thread covered but I thought I would just say the tables at Bwin seem quite soft, however the rake seems to be quite high.

      Gl with whatever site you choose.