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[PLO]wing through the limits with LESMURRAY

    • LesMurray
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 9
      Hi so this is probably going to be a nice change from the regular NL blogs.
      My goal = Sky is the limit playing nothing but PLO
      Why PLO?
      Firstly you can generate alot more rake in PL and FL games as well as alot more money is carelessly being splashed around by the lovely omaha fish imo. With the growing popularity and the begginings of telvised Omaha i would like to get in on this action.
      I have played holdem for a number of years now with my brother and besides just wanting a change and a challenge there was just so little information out there on PLO. Nowadays everywhere you turn there is strategy on Holdem. All a new player has to do is google and they will find the basics on the game not to mention the amount of televised holdem poker and its huge cult following.
      So with this in mind i myself went out there to find some basics on PLO and let me tell you it wasnt easy. As a lowly bronze member i am yet to tap the fountain of PLO knowledge from PS and living in australia i was unable to find any of the popular books on PLO (slotbooms etc) but eventually found some fundamentals thanks to vanessa selbst 2x6 series.
      So with my new found information and my initial $50 BR i went to work with some pleasing initial results.
      I started at PL10 yes bad BRM to start but i was shortstacking $2buyin for a while and as soon as my br exceeded $100 i moved up to full buyin. Oh should also mention i am only playing shorthanded (please dont be 2 cruel on my poor brm especially on a high varience game like PLO) I have stuck to pl10 and will continue to do so untill i hit silver and can read more and improve my knowledge in this game and also untill my bankroll catches up to the stake i am playing at.
      After 500 hands played at PL10 and about 80 at PL20 my bankroll stands at 215$ as soon as i get my holdemanager account working again i will post some graphs.
      Nice meeting you all and hopefully this blog will help me meet other PLO players and keep me focused as well as getting important feedback from other players. I will update this blog with some big wins and losses if i am moving up/down the limits and anything else i think people will find slightly entertaining.
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    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hi Les, good to see you started blogging, well done and keep it up :)

      So nice to see a different variant being played too. I've had minimal exposure to Omaha (see to recall some PokerStars freerolls once many moons ago), so will read with interest.
      Nice intro btw :)

      Good luck,

    • LesMurray
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 9
      650 Hands and feel the downswing coming. Keeping your cool in omaha is a tough thing especially when they make there hand when you are holding so many blockers and they hit that damn 2 outter!

      Largest pot to Date =
      saw flop | saw showdown

      Button DNArock1 ($17.76)
      SB Lokius ($23.30)
      BB WileyFox ($42.35)
      UTG LesMurray ($24.57)
      UTG+1 IwasanoddsonfaV ($36.29)

      Preflop: LesMurray is UTG with A:spade: T:spade: A:club: K:spade:
      LesMurray raises to 0.70, IwasanoddsonfaV raises to 2.40, 3 folds, LesMurray raises to 7.50, IwasanoddsonfaV raises to 22.80, LesMurray moves all-in for 17.07, IwasanoddsonfaV calls 1.77.

      Flop (49.44) K:club: 6:spade: T:heart:

      Turn (49.44) 9:spade:

      River (49.44) Q:diamond:

      LesMurray shows A:spade: T:spade: A:club: K:spade:
      IwasanoddsonfaV shows A:heart: 8:spade: K:heart: A:diamond:

      LesMurray wins 49.44 with Two pair, Kings and Tens with a Queen for a kicker. Nothing really special with this hand.

      Will have silver by next time they do the points so look forward to some new articles.
      Also like to thank sim87 for his efforts in the omaha hand section he has helped me with a few questions on betting lines.
      I am playing pretty tight for shorthand play and i am probably getting bluffed off alot of pots but the players are just so horrid at this limit i really dont mind seeing flops and getting it in with the nuts because they nearly always want to pay you off.
    • 1wayman
      Joined: 08.09.2008 Posts: 430
      nice, i like omaha blogs, they r my favourite to be honest :D .
      And on those low limits playing tight and waiting for the nuts its the only way to go immo. Bluffing in omaha isnt good idea, maybe semi bluffing representing trips on drawy board, and when draws miss on river u can fire a bet, but u probably already know that. But almost surely not on micro limits, as they call really light. And if u play nut hands swings arent really so big, they get much bigger in bigger limits where game is so much more agressive.
      In no time u will be at PLO 50 and there is wehre the game gets bit different in my experience, although u still get tons of bad players, but u also encounter soem regulars.
      GL with your blog and keep posting alot in it :) And some more hands that we could discuss wouldn't hurt us either ;)