Did you ever thought that poker room could me responsible for your so called downswings ?
Lets say i play ar party. I almost lost my all starting capital just before i cleared that 50$. Had 8$ left. somehow i came back. yesterday i had 40$ again. At the moment I'm clearing an extra 25$ for 150 points. almost 3000 hands played and i have 25$ remaining, and 20 points left to clear. played another 1000 hands and now another 7 point to be cleared !! ? wtf 9$ left? where are my points ?? . It just imposible to win with any hand ! was bliaming AK before.. AK is nothing. AA KK seems to be imposible to win with.
oh yea just now got KK raised and was about to go all in and guess what ?
everything stoped. got disconnected although internet connection was present !
just reaching the bonus it is so hard to draw a starting hand that you have to pla on so many table that doesnt fit in you screen. normaly i have 6-8 PFR. end of this bonus I have 3% !

It just a downswing...