When my C-Bet Gets Raised :@

    • Joshquan
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      When I put ni a c-bet i find it is often gettin raised by a pure bluff, ie they think im cbetting it gets frustrating but is it right just to fold.

      PS. It is often a min raise as well eg/ i bet 0.60 into a $1 pot and get raised to $1.20

      I have read the continuation bets article but this has no help if you are raised!
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    • Atoks
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      Odds and outs help u how to deal with the "what if I get raised" part. Also hand histories in the review forums help tons. Posting ur own hands is even more nuts so if u can start posting in the relevant forums and seek help from others. Was the main reason I changed my main poker site ... just so I could try post more hands on the forums :)