1k$ bonus

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    • Gerv
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      FR its impossible unless you are a bot but if you are a bot (grinder) then staying on FTP/iPOker or whatever is a better deal :)
    • mishuq
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      ya, I grinded NL30 and NL50 FR 12+ tabling like a bot a few days ago for ~ 6 x 2 hours sessions so almost 12 hours of play ( 16,5 hours to be precise including breaks....it was for a bonus that I HAD to clear...)

      this is not a BRAG post !!!

      this is a warning !! I guess I found out what my limits look like but I must say, this screws up ( "a bit" ) the way you see things in life :/

      thanks for your answer, I'm gonna think about it till the end of this month (while I clear my current bonuses and perhaps take a few days off from poker) and hopefully decide upon some good offer to place my next bankroll :)