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      hey guys , im gutted went to go on party poker an my accounts now i have to mess around an prove im really me..also i have a pokerstars account and im fozen on that too...i recieved an email off the pokerstars team saying i have loads of accounts on my computer and there was a load of usernames..which i have never seen before in my life, and there asking me, whats my relation to them?? my only thought is, the computer that i own, once belonged to a friend of mine an he sold it me with some poker sites already installed on im wondering if it is all to do with him?? what do you reckon..i feel horrible though because 1) i carnt play poker and its stopping me from collecting points and 2) the poker sites probally think i have been cheating or something..anyway i went out today an bought myself a scanner , so i can email the sites my deatails, an prove who i am , an hopefully i get to play again...

      i supose while im not playing i can read the new articles,because i only became silver the other day..but carnt play :(
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