All in Pre-Flop

    • Quexacoatl
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      I would just like to ask who thinks going all in preflop is a better strategy than to wait untill after the flop to make a move and why.

      I myself hate going all in preflop, unless i am short stacked, or when I'm in a gambling mood (AA is an exception to be honest).
      This is because i prefer post flop play, and think i can beat my opponents after the flop on most occasions.

      the thing i hate seeing is the raise, re raise, re raise all in with pocket jacks although i don't believe this site recommends such a move.

      - Quexacoatl
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    • STR82ACE
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      Other than with hands like AA, KK, QQ, and AK, I try to avoid going allin preflop if possible. Only times I would consider it, in tournament play, and I'm around 10Ms or less. But in a cash game, I can reload if I have to.

      Problem is, with the scenario you describe, it turns the game from poker and bingo. Depending on the opponent and what I hold, I would consider it, but like you, I much rather play a flop if I can.