Best room for beginers

    • batmanbatmanbatman
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      I have a friend that wants to register with PS and I want to give him some advice regarding the platform he should choose for his starting capital. Until today I would have said Party, because I started there and because the clearing conditions were quite good(although it is SSS filled). But now they have changed the Party Points system for the lowest limits(up to 0.05/0.10) and it may be possible that someone who does not play really a lot can not even clear his first 50$ bonus.

      So I am asking you guys: Which is at the moment the best room for a beginner playing NL and why?

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    • Jonaton
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      Pokerstars-excellent but good luck clearing your bonus at the micros unless you play sngs

      Full Tilt-Good choice, competition is a little tougher as there are lots of grinders. Not that it matters now but if continues to play long term there is rakeback.

      Mansion the best of ipoker and pretty easy to clear points, filled with SSS players and less ugly than titan

      Titan-Oh hells no, well I started there and hated it so much I almost quit playing filled with SSS, glitchy and ugly

      Party- Soft but there is really no low limit tables that arent filled with SSS players outside of NL there is nothing for a beginner to play as table limits in all other games are too high.

      Pacific-Never played there , heard it is soft but havent seen too much good about it really.

      I would go FTP or Mansion
    • PidKoker
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      Stars is what most people will say (but there is no bonus)...but I say FT because there is lots of traffic(good for table selection), bad players AND it has rakeback which helps players who are playing SSS(after clearing the bonus).
    • dragoshelu
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      titan is the same with mansion. same players. this is a network about. only diference is loiality points and special tournaments.

      ipoker network is no good for 10NL or under.
      on 20NL or 25Nl you will find 50min BB or full stack, that means is no SSS there.

      if you want to play SSS go to pacific because there is the loosest competition and you will be called with QTo or K8s. but you will withdraw in couple of months because you have to make 5000$ wage before withdraw (or 500 points - you see in left up corner on the tabels).

      good luck.
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      Thank guys. I will give him a link to this topic as soon as he gets in and he will decide by himself.