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Back at Pokerstrategy!

    • thebigheizung85
      Joined: 12.08.2006 Posts: 195
      I registered in 2006 and was amazed by the content that was available for free. I started playing and had some minor successes, eventually finding a lot of leaks in my play (i still have plenty^^)

      i tried a lot of things (FL, NL and SNGs) and eventually go broke... i also tried other free money sites (i don't know if it is ok to mention them here, i don't do it, but i am curious whether it is allowed; i did not look up the board rules for this post :-))

      so i also saw a lot of different poker sites (always on the micros) and by the time i loved players after a bad beat saying: .... that only happens on pokerstars (riverstars) (name of the site exchangeable)

      i had some up's and down's and went away from the pokerstrategy content (as i never reached gold to read the stuff above silver^^) ... i also picked up literature and it was good to compare different styles of playing (for example Daniel Negreanu's Power Hold'em Strategy against "action dan's" harrington on hold'em

      i also infringed the biggest rules of pokerstrategy and bought in with my own money and ignoring the BRM a little bit (this is no advice for anyone, but for the moment it works out quite well, but i am absolutely aware that my risks of going broke are higher than usual)... if i manage to build up the bankroll i start following the BRM (here the real world kicks in for me)... losing 10 stacks on NL50 is just different from losing 10 stacks at NL10... although in terms of poker it just the same number of bets :)

      we'll see when you will be able to watch me on television ;-) (of course it is a dream to get that far, but i am realistic about my skills and for now i am just faaar away from it)

      so now the real important stuff of introducing my persona:

      my name is sebastian, i am 24 years old, german and finishing my Biology studies in fall...
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    • vhallee
      Joined: 30.09.2008 Posts: 1,539
      Guten Tag Sebastian and welcome back! :)

      That was an interesting story and the first thing I can tell you is: be careful with your bankroll. If you manage to have solid bankroll management, you can only go up ;)
      Please remember to keep using our learning tools, especially the Strategy Articles, Instructional Videos and Coaching Sessions.

      Also, don't forget to post in the forums whenever you have a question, need advice or simply want to chat with fellow poker players.

      Best regards,
    • thebigheizung85
      Joined: 12.08.2006 Posts: 195
      thank you very much... the welcoming of newcomers is much better than 3 years ago... you can really see how pokerstrategy developed to become a big business (which is fine for me)^^

      thank you for your advice... but

      If you manage to have solid bankroll management, you can only go up ;)

      ... is simply not true... as far as i understand bankroll management it just avoids unnecessary risks and keeps the risk of going broke very slim... but mathematically the risk is still present and for us players with a lot of leaks (or with knowledge about cool and fancy plays that our opponent on .01/0.02 just don't get^^) you can dump $50...

      i also think (but that might not be totally true) that you're facing a lot of players that really just gamble on the microlimits and if you defend your hand correctly you sometimes end up in a lottery (where you have the best of it at first)... so you encounter a lot of bad plays against you and in the long term you make a lot of money against this, but with $50 you may not see long term... i am trying to avoid risking my whole stack in situations where i am slightly better than a coinflip (giving up some EV, which i would no longer do if i were in the correct boundaries of a solid BRM...)
    • ladman
      Joined: 13.04.2009 Posts: 289
      BRM is definately key but check my "hey" thread on this board. I think I am suffering from a similar problem
    • Alexd10
      Joined: 07.07.2008 Posts: 609
      welcome back