Yesterday, I had received no less than five separate emails claiming to be from Party Poker, stating that would risk having my account be deactivated if I didn't verify via the link on the email.

Immediately suspicious...five emails, in less than an email address NOT linked to my PP account. So I sent a separate email to PartyPoker and asked to verify. Here's their response:

Thank you for bringing this hoax email to our notice.

This is not an email from or PartyGaming*. It is most likely a phishing (deceptive) email directed to you as we never delete the account and send out email where the player is not addressed by his name. You must have heard or seen recent newspaper reports about fraudulent emails going out to customers of various online websites like banks asking them to update confidential and sensitive information pertaining to their accounts, Debit Card numbers / PIN numbers, User IDs / Password etc. This fraudulent method of obtaining account information is called Phishing.

This is a similar fraudulent e-mail claiming to be from If you receive an email regarding updating sensitive account information or asking for verifying your identity or login to your account for instant activation etc. by clicking on a link provided within the email, DO NOT act on the mail and delete such mails from your mailbox. Please also let us know by forwarding the e-mail to or call on our toll free numbers.

We assure you that PartyPoker follows and has in place the highest levels of online security methods and tools, thus making our services very safe and secure. Nevertheless we will also investigate on this case.

Yours' Sincerely


Customer Service
Toll Free From Canada - 011-800-0000-8282

It goes on about how to secure your information, but basically everyone should know. Just wanted to bring it to the forefront, because the original messages all claimed to be from info@partypoker but they're not.