• VirtuaGod
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      I just downloaded the ICM but saw a ICM light supposedly with lessons! Should i download the Light version as well or the "normal" version is good enough? What i mean is, are the lessons on the "normal" one too??

      Thank You!!
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    • midgetjay
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      If you are a beginner to ICM, I would recommend going with ICM Light first in order to get a basis for understanding everything. After you've passed all of the lessons and you feel pretty confident, I would then get the regular ICM Trainer. With that, you can adjust the settings and practice on some of the specifics like: bubble play, early phase, heads up, etc.,
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      I have been practicing a bit with ICM light, but have never read anything about the subject. It doesn't seem to explain a lot. In the early lessons I just answered what I thought was correct from how I have played in the past, and got most answers right. However, in the later lessons I am getting more wrong.

      It only tells me I am wrong and tells me what hands are allowable in that situation, but doesn't give any explanation, outside of the very basic tips. In some cases I can't always see the reasoning behind what is being said.

      Is there anywhere, apart from trawling through forum posts, that I can get some background on ICM? There is no point in me passing the tests just by remembering the answers, I need to fully understand the reason behind.

      All the best,
    • gearoi
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      Bump - I am having exactly the same problems as Bryan here

      - when using ICM light I have no idea WHY the decisions are the way they are... I get to level 8 and I'm screwed... get 6/7 right each time I play it....

      - I think advising noobies like me to simply practise with ICM light is asking for trouble - we need more guidance about WHY...

      - I have found ICM trainer easier to use as you can focus on similar situations and work on less marginal hands so get a guide more slowly. You get more reassurance as you fold a load of rubbish

      Maybe ICM light is configured too difficult / too steep a difficulty curve for noobies? Or maybe with only 10 paid-for SNGs under my belt I should be more patient?

      Thoughts appreciated.

      PS - the push/fold charts do not agree with ICM light at level 8, so they do not help perfectly... so I don't know what factors I'm not including in my analysis and am quite frustrated tbh...