What cards can be used to recive the money ?

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi dexterll & welcome to PokerStrategy.

      I'm guessing you mean what payment types can you make a deposit of your own money onto poker sites, because you do realise that the $50 starting capital offered by PokerStrategy is sent directly to the poker site you chose to sign up to and you are not able to receive it personally on your own account/card right?

      Once you have chosen a poker site, the $50 is credited to your account and you then clear that amount by earning player points over a specified time frame. These vary depending on which poker site you sign up to but we can help you with more details on these.

      If you are referring to which payments types are allowed to make your own deposit, these vary from poker site to poker site. Again we no doubt have members that can identify these for you, but they are usually detailed on the poker sites home page if you'd like to check that first.

      Hope this helps, if not, please provide a little more detail and we will be able to assist you further.

      Further information is also available in this link here.

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