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    • Ashfield84
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      hey guys,what a week of poker 1st my partypoker account get frozen , but thats cool now , iv sorted it!! but now, im playing in a 2k re-buy tourny when a sign comes onto the screen saying - trying to establish im thinking great im deep in a tournament an my internets F*cked i check my connection and its says i email the site basically saying im not happy, then i get frustrated because i get no i call them, an they say its not just me,the systems gone down or some b*llocks..(can you tell im not happy ) lol then as i ask if theres any chance of a refund my phone goes " the other person has cleared" so i throw my phone in a rage an turn into the incredible hulk for an hour..happy times...sorry just need to get it off my chest!!! is this useual on all poker sites?? thanks carl
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    • EagleStar88
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      No not usual, but believe that several people mentioned problems recently. All sites do occasionally experience problems, mostly outside of their control.

      Think it is probably (and hopefully) a rare event and the poker site will, themselves, want to resolve it very quickly.

      Check back in a while to see if connection restored and would perhaps drop their support team an email regarding your tournament. I think it's always good to put these things in writing. Don't forget to state times, which tourney, etc. They might or might not refund, but worth a quick email.

      Hope things improve shortly for you,

    • Dippy19
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      When this happens and you are in a turney, prize money usually gets distributed amongst players according to their chip stack when the connection went down. Hope you had a big stack ;)