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fulltilt. pokerstars and party poker real money

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    • 1wayman
      Joined: 08.09.2008 Posts: 430
      ok another pathetic post. How can u write down which is most rigged?
      I play profitably on all of them, so i really dont get u there.
      And none of those site is rigged, well maybe somebody has an edge with superaccount or he is some hacker freak, but dont bother with those in the stakes u r playing at.
      Maybe u thought to write sth in the way, where do u see most suckouts?
      Well answer to this is: everywhere are suckouts to the percentage they should be. (hope u dont understand suckouts as losing coinflip 14x times in a row? or as losing 5x when u r 70/30 favourite?)
    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      I don't normally dispair at posts, but i have to agree with 1wayman, what is your point addicted?

      I personally don't think any poker site is rigged (we all joke they are occasionally, but this is always a tongue in cheek standing joke), all in my opinion provide a fair random generated playing surface which if you play to your best ability can achieve similar results.
      The only possible differences are that you do occasionally get different types of opponents playing on different sites, some fishier than others.

      I would go on further, but I'm guessing I'd be wasting my time as you will filter the replies to what you want to hear?

      Can I respectfully suggest that you consider reading the pyschological aspects to poker guides provided on this site again. If you feel your going to lose prior to playing or that dark forces are against you, maybe you need to review your game.

      Like I say, this is my own personal opinion and is provided with much respect but quite a lot of disbelief at the original question :rolleyes:

      Best regards,


      Edit: I actually use them all (& others) on a regular basis and whilst I perhaps have a preference, this is subjective and would be based solely on user experience, feel/reliability etc of software, never on a perceived and unfounded hunch.