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    • martisPS
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      So, I am Martynas Pilka from small (but cool) town Joniškis in Lithuania.

      I am 18 years old guy who wants to make some profits playing poker and maybe, maybe go to main ivent of baltic countrys poker championship.

      I am playing poker for 2 and a half years now. I have just discovered PokerStrategy.com few days ago and decided to take this chalenge and ofcorse take my Texas Holdem skill to the next level ;]] so be patient and i will post my blog as soon as i will get my starting capital

      Good Luck everyone and enjoy the game.

      Best wishes, Martynas Pilka
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    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hello martisPS,

      Congratulations on passing the test and a very warm welcome to PS.

      PS have a wide variety of excellant articles, videos and public coachings that all will help improve your knowledge and subsequently improve you as a player.

      The most important advice i can give you is to take notice of and employ the Bankroll Management articles as these will help you to move up the limits safely and protect your bankroll if you ever hit a bad patch.

      Also i applaud you on your willingness to start a blog as it is a great method for self-improvement as well.

      Kind Regards,