Hi from Slovakia!

    • Ingridlo
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      Hi there! I passed the test and i sent an e-mail with photograph of my id check. I sent it two days ago. When can I get bonus from pokerstrategy ($50) to my full tilt account? :) My nickname on full tilt is "Splayto". Thanks

      Sorry for my english. I'm from Slovakia. How are you? :)
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    • cilli
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      Hello, finally someone, who is close to my country, in fact my neighbour and in the past a part of our country. I'm from Czech Republic, you are the first one I meet here on forum. Good luck with receiving your capital and at tables too!

      CZ: Čauko, kdyžtak si mne přidej do přátel, moc lidí tu neznám :-) Zatím pa
    • kennyxx
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      Hi guys,

      welcome here and good luck at the tables :)

      You will find many CZ/SVK players here, check out CZ thread here, there is a Czech and Slovakia community groups as well...

      Ingridlo: since You are bronze, You recieved money already, right?
    • TheLastNail
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      Slovakiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Slovakiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      pod a bojuj, citaj materialy, analyzuj ruky a dostan sa to top poradia.. chceme prvych 5 v komunite Slovakov :D hehe.. pridaj si ma, popr, napis spravu, mozem poradit nieco, sharnut skype kontakty atd.. momentalne sme 3ja v top10, Opal99, ja & smidlo.. nikto nema take zastupenie ako Slovensko v top10, co dodat..

      :heart: SVK rulez :D :heart:
    • opal99
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      uz len vyhrat MS :heart: