[NL20-NL50] NL25 - 77 in MP2

    • jotap27
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      0,1/0,25 No-Limit Hold'em (7 handed)
      Hand recorder used for this poker hand: PokerStrategy Elephant 0.67 by www.pokerstrategy.com.

      Preflop: Hero is MP2 with 7:heart: , 7:spade:
      MP1 folds, Hero raises to $0,75, MP3 calls $0,75, 3 folds, BB raises to $1,25, Hero calls $0,50, MP3 calls $0,50.

      Flop: ($3,85) 2:heart: , T:club: , 7:diamond: (3 players)
      BB bets $1,50, Hero raises to $3,00, MP3 folds, BB raises to $4,50, Hero raises to $10,00, BB raises to $11,89 (All-In), Hero calls $1,89.

      Turn: ($27,63) 8:diamond:
      River: ($27,63) 4:club: (1 players)

      Final Pot: $27,63

      Anything to add ?
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    • BogdanDin7
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      Just an observation , I saw you raising 5BB with AKo and here you only raise 3BB with medium PP from more or less same position . I think you should just keep a standard raising size so your hand are better disquised . If you want to vary you could maybe raise you entire range smaller from BU/CO just to make blindsteals cheaper but I don`t think varying bet sizes in the same position is a good ideea.

      Rest of the hand , I would raise it up to 4.5 on flop , minraise looks suspicious to me most of the times , and by raising more you can get your money in easier I think.
    • jotap27
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      Hi BogdanDin7,

      About your observationm you are right. I usualy bet the same amount (to disquise) but the last days i have been raising diferent amount but not depending on my hand strenght. I could bet 5BB with this 77 and 3BB with the AKo. I am just testing this random betting size (independent of my hand strenght).
      Usualy opponents read my small (3BB) bet sizes as stronger then my 5BB bets. :)

      A tell always have a counter tell.... and vice-versa....

    • veriz
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      I would also raise on flop to ~$4.50 and shove over his raise. Otherwise, nice hand, well played.

      Best regards,
    • Kaitz20
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      I´d raise 4$ on the flop and likely call his 3-bet (although shove is also fine).
      Just when he has there complete bluff I want him to giv opportunity to get money all-in, thinking that he has fold equity.
      If you 4-bet, then he´d fold his bluff hands.