[NL20-NL50] NL20SH, set in a tricky spot

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      Sorry, this is from cake poker, but please take a look at it, it's well worth it! Please try to ignore his hand till after the analysis, I really dunno how else to post these hands.

      We'r both 150BB+ deep and the guy reraised me but he was OOP postflop. I made my set, and he showed aggression, not unlike standard CB. I figured he would never fold if he held the Ac or Kc and if he possibly made a pair that would make it all the harder for him. So I made a decision to give him a huge raise on the flop so that I could shove any turn.

      My question, is this +EV play? I figured raising has to be +EV, since the other guy has at best 8 flush outs and possibly 2 of his made pair and 3 outs for either his Ahigh or Khigh flush. If he has 2 pair it's even worse, but we'r WB against a higher set and made flush but there's still a few outs for the hero there. Should the raise on the flop be bigger?
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