How Many People Have you Kissed?

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      Ok, I'm a wee bit drunk (not my fault, Baileys on the rocks is really tasty) and i thought that before I went to the pub, which is of course, where i belong, I would put up this Question;

      How Many People Have you Kissed? (as in, properly kissed ofc)

      a) ≤ 4
      b) 5 to 10
      c) 11 to 20
      d) 21 to 50
      e) 51 to 100
      f) Over 100
      g) No idea

      Oh, it would be interesting to see your age as well :p I hope i got the options vaguely correct.

      Personally I havn't got the faintest idea, I don't have any idea where i actually fall in my list of options. I could be anywhere. I'm 21.

      edit; Its the Alcohol that makes me forgetfull, its not my fault :D
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