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      Please don't take this as a joke or something i don't really know to play texas hold'em and I have a little question:

      Let's say that there are left after the turn 3 players left in the game... so far so good... the first one bet, the second called and the third decided to raise... the other 2 called... my question comes here... my friends told me that in this situation... when someone raised and the other 2 called the one who raise could raise another 2 times(like he is raising now the others called again, and again he can raise and they can call and then he stops)... from what i know if someone raised and the others called that betting stops and another card is showed...

      but they showed me a rule that said "only 3 raises on a turn"(or something like that) but from what I know that raising means that if someone raised.. the next one can re-raise and another one can re-raise that too, and everybody else can only call now... i think that's what that rule means but they didn't understand what i was trying to say and I lost all my chips X(
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