How many FP point for 20$ bonus?

    • chuongdk
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      I deposited 200$ for the 1st time, so I can get bonus by 20$ each time,
      but I confuse.
      When I have 100 FTPs, it says I need 200 FPs to get 20$ (I don't remember exactly)
      When I have 200 FPTs, it says next release is in 210 FTPs
      And now I have 256 FTPs, it says next release is in 189 FTPs
      (I check by click Cashier- Bonus Account)

      and with 256 FTPs, it says I earned 8.65$ (I think it must be > 10$)
      I think that maybe point gained in event like 2Take or Happy Hour don't be counted in clear this bonus.

      I would like to ask, how much FTPs need for 10/20$?
      Thx very much
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