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      After a few not so good sessions, I had a great one today. I was up 3 stacks after about 1k hands, and I started clicking the 'sit out next big blind' boxes when things got a whole lot better - KK on two tables at once.
      Great I thought, I will pick up a couple of sets of blinds on the way out but no, my oponents had other ideas. On both tables I got it all in and got called.
      First one, opponent had QQ, hit a set on the flop. One stack gone. No worries, I still got kings on another table, and just hit pocket aces on a third table.
      Second KK, opponent had JJ, and hit a runner - runner flush. Two stacks gone. Its ok though - by this time I am all in with my AA and its called by not one, but two fullstacked opponents so I will get those two stacks back. Board turns up 89TJ, one opponent shows an A and a you-know-what.
      At end of session my balance is exactly what it was before, right down to the last cent. Its rigged I tell you RIGGED! lol
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