Downswing already?

    • Doughboi21
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      OK so i've had my starting capital for about four days now.
      Day one was ok i made about $5. But ever since I cant seem to make a profit. I am following SSS in every aspect, i am now at $36.73.

      Is it possible to have a downswing so early on? Not really an encouraging sign. If anyone out there has had similar experiences maybe sharing them would make me feel better. Any suggestions would help to.

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    • Fongie
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      Sure it's possible, but it's more likely because you are making mistakes. Post hands and attend coachings to improve your game is always the best way to get through a downswing :)
    • Jaissica
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      There is no grace time before variance strikes. Lets say by playing SSS you are betting short stacks (say, $1 on a NL5 table) on a weighted coin toss that will come up heads 52% and tails 48%. You have heads. (52-48 is probably close to accurate to a new SSS player's edge playing micro limits from the starting hand chart).

      The probability of losing 5 tosses in a row is the same for your first 5 tosses as for the 50th-55th.
    • thebigheizung85
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      i totally agree with both... it is possibly that you have a nice little downswing but it is also very likely that you make a lot of mistakes... i thought after reading the beginner's section i'd mastered the game in no time^^ now that i've learned much more i see it very differently, i came a long way and there is still a lot of stuff i don't know or don't apply very well

      for me it was a turning point when i realized i wasn't as good a player i thought i was...

      but keep on improving your game and use the stuff that is provided or you can get your hands on: posting hands, (re-)reading articles, reading books (it might get you away from the SSS, but in the long term you should leave that strategy anyway :-))

      i also like it to read the problems in the sample hands forum and i also post my thoughts... thinking about a hand from beginning to end (with a lot of time) is a very good thing

      but keep on!