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DoN's on iPoker

    • Ejeckt
      Joined: 06.12.2008 Posts: 517

      I'm a big player of the turbo DoNs on Stars... but on iPoker I have always played regular SnGs and NL cash. I have now built up a big enough BR to play $5 DoNs @ iPoker (25% rake @ $1 & $2 suuuucks), and am just wondering if anyone has any experience with them, and how they compare to the PokerStar's DoNs. I see that there certainly isn't much traffic, but that's ok as I don't play too many tables at once; 2-4 usually.

      How's the competition? I've been observing a few tables, and see that High Blinds often have 8-9 players still at the tables. This worries me a bit as the blinds go up 1 min faster than on Stars, and I know that the more you have to make loose (but ICM correct pushes), the bigger your variance will be in the short term, and I'd certainly hate to loose my BR too quickly.

      Perhaps in the iPoker case a more conservative BRM needs to be used? Say $400 for the turbo DoN's? I'm at $300 atm.
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