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      First of all just a friendly warning – its long and probably you won’t find anything unusual. :)
      My name is Nikolay. I'm from Bulgaria - 20 years old, studying Marketing and I intend to bother you with my own poker history/blog.

      Well let's start with some highlights from the past. :)
      A little more than a year ago my mate darkonebg (hi, noob) joined PokerStrategy. Few days after he invited me. We've done together lots of things past few years (sounds gay perhaps :rolleyes: ) so I gave a shot to the poker. I received my starting capital in full tilt and was very excited, playing few hours every day, learning, taking bad beats of course... you all know how does it feel in the beginning. So far so good. After a month THE DAY :D had come. I lost nearly whole bankroll in a heads up match way above my limits. It was a bad day in several aspects and i tilted a lot etc etc not the first not the last to do that I guess :)

      So I lost all my starting capital but I liked poker enough to not leave it behind. Played many freerolls and from the winning of one in Mansion Poker managed to reach a bankroll of 125$ which was a lot for me back there (mad tilt SnG's rules :D ). This one again gone bad ending with 0$ after giving a shot to NL50 HU (lol I know I'm stupid, thanks :) ).

      After that one I realized that until I deposit myself I wouldn't be able to follow proper BRM and kind of respect my winnings. Still believing that I'm not that kind of a hopeless player and the only major leak was the mental approach to the game, I deposited in 888's poker room. Started grind NL10 BSS a lot and after a month or so managed to have in my account 500$ enough to give a shot at NL25. After another month I was like 250$ up (expected more). After 2 weeks breakeven and in the middle of the summer I found myself with whole bankroll in my hands going on an awesome 20 days vacation on the seaside. I was thinking "When I come back I will deposit again what's left". Of course nothing really left :D

      I managed to deposit again in the beginning of December (delay caused by some financial problems). The bonus in Everest Poker was fine for low stakes grinding so I deposited 100$ there. In less than a month cleared the bonus and gained some minor profit. Once again reached 500$ in my account I saw the leaderboard in Ladbrokes Poker and immediately moved my roll there. Playing NL20 10 tables 5-6 hours a day I got the bonus and also a decent 500$ bonus from their leaderboard.

      With nearly 2000$ and some saving from my salary I decided to buy a car (its not much but I like it). That was my wish and a need so that was the end of another bankroll :rolleyes: . Looks like I can't make a decent roll while withdrawing it so often... ;)

      Before a week or so I made another plan for deposit in the beginning of the summer but than I found a 0.50$ in my FTP account :D (When I screwed it there wasn't less than nl10 so they were useless). Just for the fun I found me a table at nl2 and after few rounds I won 2$ or so. Then moved to 4 tables SSS, made them 8$ with some swings. I think SSS is quite boring or maybe just not my game so I tried BSS SH (my favorite).

      At this moment my new roll stays at 28.50$ and if it goes like this I will not have to deposit. If this attempt fails I will deposit as planed and continue this blog.

      - In few words: Grinding NL 2 BSS SH in FTP
      - Current Bankroll : 28.50$

      For the future:
      :spade: Not going broke :D
      :diamond: Moving to NL5 at 100$
      :club: Moving to NL10 at 200$
      :heart: Finding a suitable low stake bonus for boosting.

      That is from me for now. Have a nice time at the tables everyone!
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    • darkonebg
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      Noob's going at it again!
      Very nice, needless to say I'll be following your progress.
      I was sceptical when he started, but now I'm curious just where can he go from his 0,5$ lol.
      Keep on!
    • nvelev
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      Time for a quick update :tongue:

      Last 2-3 days I had several things to get done with so I didn't play.
      I think that I will play much more upcoming few days so I hope there will be some new things to share.

      Anyway I made a quick and short late night session that went pretty well.
      Looking forward to the FullTilt Rakeback Friday... :D

      Bankroll : 34.11$

      See you soon and have a nice time at the tables! ;)
    • EagleStar88
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      Welcome back nvelev and good luck with your challenge.

      Liking your intro and the good fun/banter with darkonebg :D

      Wishing you every success and looking forward to reading your exploits regularly.

    • Gamer135
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      I'm looking forward to reading this blog. I'm pretty much at the same level (although the lowest level at Cake is NL4). Best of luck!
    • nvelev
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      Time for update as promised. :)
      Since the my last update the sessions played were quite swingy which seems normal considering the quality of the players on NL2 and the hands they like to play. In my first session after the last update I lost few stack but with the rakeback today and 2-3 winning sessions I managed to get a small profit. Currently I'm satisfied with the progress.

      This is my graph at nl2 BSS SH only - all hands.

      Here some stats. (I gladly accept advices here because I don't really know which are the suitable stats for micro stakes)

      Currently I play 6 tables but it is good idea to make them 10.
      Let's see what this will bring up...

      + More hands (+ profit / + rakeback).
      + Tighter stats (something I need to achieve one way or another).
      + FTPs - I don't really need them.

      - Bigger variance - my bankroll is still tiny.
      - Less plays and reads - they are useful most of the time.

      Overall I think that I will at least take a shot at 10 tables. Before I used to play up to 12 so it should be no problem. I will be glad to hear from you guys kind of advice on this matter. :)

      Maybe I will post a bunch of hands tomorrow because now I don't have time to decide which ones are good enough.

      Bankroll : 37.10$

      See you soon guys! :P
    • nvelev
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      Hey again,
      This time the update will be really short :rolleyes:

      Played 2 sessions since my last update. Currently sticking to 9 tables as I said that I will try to. Already there are some worse swings than my last sessions. Anyways I managed to have a profit of about 2-3 stacks which is OK even for about 4k hands.

      Today there was something wrong with my HEM and I lost most of the hand history for the session. Maybe the FTP client didn't record them - I can't find them anywhere.

      Bankroll : 42.50$