We play alot lately and ive made a small tool to generate the blindstructure and payout...

Atm, it asks for the number of different chiptypes and gives a decending output, like 10 chiptypes, type 1= 10%, type 10 = 100%

im not very pleased with this... How do you guys find a balanced structure? is there a formula for that?

the proggy is still in development, im working on a GUI version now, if its done ill add a round timer with level, blind, etc...

please give me suggestions what to add or change, or general thoughts :)

I Uploaded it here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7577E99M

have fun & good luck

edit: i know its my 1st posting and youre maybe paranoid bout running any apps from the web, so check out http://www.virustotal.com and scan my file there, but im a nice guy ;)