getting the bonus clearance

    • yoshiwa
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      this new system really gets it hard to clear the bonus. luckely i already had 50 of my 100 dollars cleared ,but yet im really worrying about the remaining 50. where i used to earn like 50 Partypoints on a day i played much ,this will get like 12 points or so
      this really is a big big change , and they even didn't announce it , really don't like it.
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    • merijna
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      The best way i found was to play 1$ s&g's , but I really suck at those , So if there are any tips how to clear the bonus on the cash games , i'd appreciate if someone can tell me
    • BurlacuCG
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      I make 10 PartyPokerPoints at 4 tables (NL $0.02 - $0.04) in 4 hours playing ~1500 hands.I used to make 30 Points in this time frame but now with the new rules well....

      Have 220 PartyPokerPoints need 80 for the 50$ bonus to be clear.
    • geoylove
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      I have a question regarding a bonus clearance and maybe i can find here an answer.My actual br is at 200$ but in 10 days my reload bonus will expire,60$ left and i need a total amount of 320 pp.So whats the best limit and how many tables i must play to be sure that i'll get the 60$ bonus.Ty
    • Reanimater
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      guys, do not hurry!

      loosing blinds and money is worse then loosing a bonus!

      Try with SNGs! I suggest that you add a "Step" tournament as a 4th table.

      If you can keep on loosing/winning back entries for the Step tournaments, you can make a lot of Points.

      Simply check the "Sit and Go's > Steps".

      Basically, you need to get to Step 7 to get into the money. If you dont advance one step higher, you get to the lower steps.

      Play it tight, like a cash game. Make sure to get top 3/top 4.

      Read the articles first for Tournaments and Sit and Go's > most important thing would be to watch the increasing blind levels and not to loose your chips easily or foolishly.

      Also, check if you have any PartyPoints. You can buy an entry for a SNG/Step. Or you can also get some money. It's your choice.