Quiz of the Week: NL - Playing vs. Other SSS Players

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    • gape0000
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      You have achieved a total 40 out of 45 possible points. This corresponds to 89 %!

      Pretty good for a guy that doesnt play NL and has never played SSS :P

      Btw just a minor error in your post "the silver Fixed Limit strategy article called" -> its actually No Limit article
    • Snuggles666
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      You have achieved a total 38 out of 45 possible points. This corresponds to 84 %!
      I have a hard time playing TT or JJ :( Great quiz by the way :D
    • rex99
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      45/45 :P

      liked the quiz and the explanations =D
    • awishformore
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      44/45 ^^ too bad i can't really use stats :(
    • DaPhunk
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      43/45, interesting test. I find these Questions in Particular interesting;

      Question 3;

      MP2 Limp/3better. I think this is very opponent specific and an SSS player is easily capable of playing KK+ this way, however in my experience, if an SSS player likes to play KK+ this way they normally do it out of UTG and not MP. So I call and take a note.

      Question 7;

      Again, opponent Specific, but i often like to assume an expanded openraise range for UTG+2 of TT+ AQ+, sometimes even 99 gets openraised in UTG+2. I think the limit a fold would be most advisable on in this spot would in fact, be NL100 on PartyPoker.

      (Sorry, i can't really be bothered to write in a full EV calculation here, but if you want to do it for me, I think most likely openraise range TT+ AQ+ (99) and a calling range of either JJ+ AK+ or QQ+ AKS depending on villain ofc)

      Question 13;

      Assuming Villain 3bet range of JJ+ AK+ we have 33.7% Equity with TT. Pot is $10.3 accounting for 5% rake so we can call a $3.47 bet. We actually have to call a $3.5 bet here so i think its marginal enough to fold.

      However, assuming our own pfr is 8 and we are sitting in MP2 Villain is more likely to 3bet with TT+ AQ+. Against this range we have 40.3% Equity which means we can call a $4.15 raise! This turns calling into a definate +ev decision.

      Again this is opponent specific, but i like to fold against Basic SSS and Call against Advanced SSS or Villains who can decieve their range.

      Thats my take on some things anyhoo :) (Oh, i didn't actually read the article beforehand so i may be using the wrong logic to find my answers :p)