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tag sng player looking for advice

    • karmi
      Joined: 01.01.2009 Posts: 13
      hello there, first time posting here but i assure you i have been trolling around for a little while :)

      anyway, my poker story started out on party with only very basic knowledge of the game (was using the software to even tell me what hand i had, straight, fullhouse or w/e - thats how bad i was, didnt really know what beat what) and because i was working overtime, i deposited $200 and made it into over $1500 playing $11 sng's & playing nl25/50 then eventually i moved onto nl200 & with only 2 buyins in which i managed to catch a 3 way pot with my AA vs KK vs QQ and tripled up.. yeah, amazing donk heater. after that i started consistently losing, infact i managed to lose the majority of it, no BRM skills and no poker knowledge was my ultimate demise.

      after a year of reading up on how to actually play the game and studying alot of videos / strategies i decided i was going to play and improve my game consistently to the point where my hobbie would pay for itself, not necessarily make an income although that would be nice.

      so i started on FullTilt and have decided to grind out non turbo sit n gos to begin with to build my bankroll up. i currently play 9 at a time and have been averaging roughly $6-10 profit per all 9 tables (so hourly $6-10); with 55% ITM but a ROI of only 6%.

      Now, my problem isnt so much making money, I think slowly and steadily I could grind these and build my roll forever. My problem is: The way I play, i am very TAG - im playing hands based on position and raises/reraises infront of me which limits the starting hands I play. Rarely play suited connectors till late and sometimes if im card dead in a table I'll get down to 1000 chips from my 1500 and start having to push/fold without playing a pot, im easily exploited because im folding so the SB is attacking me alot.. Its just- atm i can usually consistently pull of 3rd or 2nd finishes but I rarely have the chips to get all the way to 1st im usually winning some flips for my 1st place. I can double up to 3k chips in the first hand and not play a pot again till the final 3. It is weak, and although it works partially I will get crushed when I move up eventually.

      Does anyone have any tips on how to steal some more small pots; ie smallball in SnG's or how to maintain your stack, I give these $1 guys far too much credit, if I raise and they reraise alot of the time I'll fold but then I see the same guy calling an open shove with QJo or something. I just think im weak/tight and need some advice on how to add some aggression into my game. Some tips on how to bully in full ring with the chip lead would be nice also; when its 3 handed im fine with it but at a 8-9 handed table when your getting reraised etc its alot more difficult I find.

      Sorry for the absolute essay, any help is appreciated on the matter :)
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    • rhinoneil
      Joined: 16.04.2008 Posts: 1,159
      At the limits you are playing the style you currently use is fine imo and probably only needs tweaking a bit.
      Many players will play over aggressively with marginal hands and unless you are holding a hand that you are prepared to make a stand and shove over a reraise with, there is not much point in increasing your own aggressiveness against players who frankly are not good enough to lay down QK, JJ etc, unless of corse you have those sort of hands beat.
      In terms of bullying, are you using any tracking software like pokertracker?
      I find it helps in particular to target players who are ripe for bullying, who will fold to steals and identify players who are overly tight. You can raise these guys with atc in position.
      Also you can be fairly certain that if they play back at you that they have a premium hand.
    • mChavez
      Joined: 13.02.2009 Posts: 323
      I think I know what you mean. If you don't get playable hands, then you are forced to play so tight that blinds simply eat half of your stack and then you are nearly itm but you don't have chips to play with. Also there's a problem when you have to play very tight and then nobody calls your raises because of your image.

      I usually don't have this problem when i actually observe the table=) that means no multitabling for me=) As long as you have reads and your opponents' types, you know whom to attack and whose raises to fear.

      You need to adjust your ranges against tight and loose opponents, and then you wonn't have this problem.

      Re-read the articles. review your sessions and you will improve.