FL 0.05/0.10 & 0.1/0.2 FR FT points

    • Shad0w69
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      As in thread.
      How many points u can get (about) playing 1h on one table on this limits.

      I'd like to deposit there and I'm wondering if I'm able to clear 600$ deposit (I'm playing 3 tables at the same time)
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    • luitzen
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      I don't see why you would be playing those limits if you're going to deposit $600. You get 1 FTP for every dollar raked when involved in a pot (that means thtat you get dealt cards, you can fold them pre-flop).

      Rake for FL 0.05/0.10 is 1$cts for every 20$cts in the pot. Average pot sizes on that level are 20$cts to 40$cts or 0.01 FTP for every hand.

      Rake for FL 0.10/0.20 is the same, but average pot size is around $1 or 0.05 FTP for every hand.

      To earn 10k FTP you would need to play around 1mln hands on FL 0.05/0.10 or 200k hands on FL 0.10/0.20.