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    • Jonaton
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      Any plans to ever go this route with certain articles? I have found now that most books, lectures and everything else is becoming more redily available in audio format that I have started listening to everything. I find sitting and reading painful now as I could be listening to the book/article and doing 3 other things. I think being able to upload some of the silver (for example) articles to take with me on the go or for that matter listen to while earning you more MGR :D playing would be excellent.
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello Jonaton,

      We have had some of the psychology articles available as audio files in the past - but never expanded on it. Part of the problem is the difficulty of putting difficult concepts that include practical examples / math / visualizations into easy to digest audio format.

      We are however looking to increase the amount of articles that will be available as videos.

      Best regards