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[NL2-NL10] NL5 AK on the BB, lot of action preflop..

    • Volrath89
      Joined: 23.07.2008 Posts: 2,171
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      0,02/0,05 No-Limit Hold'em (6 handed)
      Hand recorder used for this poker hand: PokerStrategy Elephant 0.67 by

      Preflop: Hero is BB with A:spade: , K:diamond:
      MP2 raises to $0,25, MP3 folds, CO calls $0,25, BU raises to $0,45, [I]SB folds[/i], HERO ???

      Ok, so.. my thoughts:

      Fold: Actually for me its the best option. I think it would be closer if BU wasn't deep stacked, if he had 100 BB, I think pushing and hoping to take down the pot preflop is close.

      Call: Worst option here, I would have to fold to a re raise from the initial raiser and/or cold caller, and even if I hit I would be OOP in a multiway pot (since I don't expect villians to fold the min re raise too often)

      4-bet/fold, 4-bet/all in: I think I wouldn't know what to do if i 4 bet and someone pushes.. so that's why I folded. But I guess I would push against villians with <100 BB, and probably fold against the 200 BB

      So, what would be the best line here??
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    • dallievas
      Joined: 30.11.2007 Posts: 822
      I play mainly FR but I spotted that in micro SH are like 2 kinds of players in 3 bet pots: those from FR- they 3b/especially 4bet a lot tighter like they still play FR and others originally or more SH players who are a lot loose in 3bet/4b pots.
      Ideally u should know their 3bet/fold to4bet/4bet ranges.If 4bet range is more than 3-4 u have a chance if u push.
      Back to hand: i think folding is very rarely is an option because if BU competent player he can often bluff squeeze IP and 68/38(if tendency lasts more than 8 h) should have not only JJ+,AK for it.Call is not an option for me too.
      4bet big/fold to MP push + BU call.I think MP should push tighter here.I don't know if I call Bu push (need 4bet stats) but it's close for 100bb.
      GL :)
    • Jaissica
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 1,385
      Im already thinking 63-38 (8) BU is shaping up as a maniac and id be more than happy to test my AKo against his 3-bet range by attacking with a 4bet-call line. We might as well price out CO's set mining operation and see if MP2 has anything or just threw out a raise with ~A7o.

      Were you also deepstacked? How much of BU's 260 BB's could you cover?
    • Fongie
      Joined: 02.12.2006 Posts: 4,978
      What is your own stack?
    • silent21
      Joined: 08.08.2008 Posts: 1,556
      63 / 38 over 8 hands. why do u even look at the stats? personally i would disregard the stats at all for this player
    • Jaissica
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 1,385
      Because the probability of being a reasonable SH TAG and getting 5 playable (20%) hands with 3 of them raisable (15%) in your first 8 is low. Quite possible, yet unlikely.

      Thus 8 hands (63/38) is enough for me personally to decide to see if AKo is the nuts.

      I would call laying AKo down to a minraise 3bet in 6h a very, very weak play anyway. On micro SH often times you should just be happy shipping it all in preflop because alot of villains are capable of shoving so many far worse hands.
    • Volrath89
      Joined: 23.07.2008 Posts: 2,171
      My stack wasn't recorded on elephant, so I can't tell the exact amount, but it was a bit more than 200BB.

      And, another thing that is missing there, it wasn't a SH table, it was FR with only 6 players left (I know IT IS actually SH, but on this limit I think villains don't even notice that, and won't change their play because of that).

      I also agree than 8 hands won't tell you anything, they could give you expensive missreads IMO.. (My HUD only shows stats w/out clicking after 12 hands)
    • BogdanDin7
      Joined: 29.04.2008 Posts: 1,114
      AK is still the nuts preflop here for me .

      1st reason is that BU looks like the making of a donk
      2nd reason is that it`s still NL5 and people here often push that big with worse hands , even something like ATs+,77+
    • veriz
      Joined: 20.07.2008 Posts: 65,504

      As you said it's FR so I'd prefer to fold here because he is so deep stacked, I don't really like to risk here, if you decide to 4bet here then you have to go broke, there is no way to 4bet/fold.

      Best regards,