NL10 SH Video

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    • MrMardyBum
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      I'm downloading it now....

      I'll post a review after :P lol
    • sliggy
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      Thanks :)
    • BogdanDin7
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      Just watched the 1st half of it , don`t have any time now to watch the rest. But as a note , I saw you doing a call OOP / donk bet two times because you were ahead of their opening ranges. I really think it is better to just 3-bet in those spots and try to take it down if he hold a marginal hand. By calling and donkbetting you are just giving away 3 free cards to all the marginal hands he might have.
    • csnmf
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      I thought you showed good fundamentals and there was nice advice on how to exploit loose passives, regulars, chose nice spots to 3bet light. You should be crushing these limits, move up asap :P

      You ought to be taking more notes.

      Table selection, dunno if you spent any time on it, but at the beginning the table stats were 25/13 and 25/16 on 2 tables i am sure there are better tables than that i play on NL50 and usually i can play 8 tables all fishier than that on the site i play, but towards the end they were all very profitable tables.

      I use HEM myself, don't use agression factor so much when you can use agression frequency especially by street it's a better indicator.

      I usually have my hero stats just to remind me of my image on a specific table if i need to loosen up a bit on it if i have been playing tight so i can raise more marginal hands. Although i swear to god no one pays any attention, like today i had open raised 2 hands in 50 and both times i was 3bet and generally given no respect despite playing 10/10 at the time, just goes to show people don't adjust they just play their own game.

      dont use auto check, minor point but gives off a tell.

      Might just be how i came across in the video but often when you were calculating odds you were using your odds to hit over 2 streets i.e. times 4 when you should be calculating your odds to hit in 1 card.

      Hand specific (if it's not mentioned here i think you played it fine)

      7min table 1 K10 i would c-bet here we often take it down and we have great equity when called.

      9.10 table 2 defended 22 against button 58/17, I would prefer a fold here can't play for set value imo and can't 3-bet either as will often get called.

      table 2 defended A6s against same button prefer a 3bet or fold, even if the guy is bad don't try to outplay people oop. Same goes for an A9 hand on table 1 when a similar player raised from mp2, like you said later just wait for good hands or wait till you have position.

      16.40 table 2 raised A2 from sb into nit i wouldn't cbet that board yes low pps are in his range but broadways are a much larger part of it and it hits his range.

      Table 2 we defended 44 the pfa checked we turned an oesd i bet out on turn just to take it down/protection/build pot.

      With the KK hand on table 3 when we are donked into i like a bigger raise i think pot was like 1.2 he donked 0.4 and we only raised it to 1.2.
    • sliggy
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      wow thank you for all the advice! :D I'll review the video and look at those hands again.

      Edit: yeah I usually am table selecting but for this video I just wanted to open some available tables and play, plus if I'm making a video I don't want 4 tables of just loose passive players because it gets boring. I'd prefer a couple more interesting spots!

      On that note, when I'm grinding I love tables full of stations :D