Multitabling SNGs

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      I have $370 in bonuses to clear on pokerstars and a solid bankroll, so I have started multitabling SNGs.

      Last night, I 16-tabled the $5.20 DoNs on PokerStars just to test it at a level below my bankroll (I am already a successful SNG player, but I have not massively multitabled for a while).

      I am wondering: what is the best setup for playing a large volume of SNGs at once (obviously over 16).

      Tools I have at my disposal: A tablet PC with a stylus (faster and easier than a mouse). A 1280x800 screen (kind of small). Desktop extension software supporting three additional virtual desktops.

      I can download anything else that might help.

      When I played the 16, I tiled 8 tables with significant overlap on two virtual desktops and switched between the two while playing.

      Basically, I am asking anyone who does a lot of multitabling for advice on how to physically accomodate a very large number of tables on pokerstars. Also, is there a faster way to register than the select in lobby -> click register -> select buyin -> click ok?

      Thanks for any input.
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