fatal error 28000

    • diogohcb
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      i cant use my pokerstrategy elephant
      when have to put the passord to create a new database it
      apears fatal error 28000: password authentication failed for user "elephant".
      Any one can help me with this?
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    • imson0ob
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      I have the same problem. Can somebody please help?
    • Jackalof
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      As already told in my blog, the elephant has died.

      My elephant has died today,
      "You have to feed him everyday", the doctors say,
      But where the hell can I get peanuts in May???

      I skinned the elephant and ate his meat,
      Made two chairs out of his feet
      And a lucky charm to protect myself from a bad beat.

      As I was drinking a second bottle of rum
      A genie appeared in the room
      All covered in....actually he was wearing just a hat.

      "Your elephant resurrect I can
      Collect strategy points you shall, man!"
      He clearly was a Star Wars fan...

      The genie flew away and promised to come back
      It won't be soon because four hundred strategy points I lack
      To resurrect that god damn elephant's ass...

      So here I am sitting on my chair
      Making a napkin out of dead elephant's hair
      Hoping that rotting smell does not reach my neighbour's lair...