Too good to be true?

    • FirestormX
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      My name is Matt. I'm a Canadian (and after browsing these forums and seeing the very active mods posts, I've already joined the Canadian group ;) ).

      My initial thought upon arriving at is that it must be too good to be true. I questioned myself as to how I was being scammed... Regardless I completed the quiz, and signed up for Titan poker.

      I woke up to find the $50 dollars cash in my Titan account. A smile naturally crossed my face. After re-reading a couple of the articles I took to the tables and after a couple of hours and a couple of nasty bad beats, I found that I was still profitable on the day.

      Needless to say I've got a couple friends who are now in the process of signing up.

      Thanks a lot PokerStrategy, and I look forward to becoming a part of the community.

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    • vhallee
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      Hello Matt and welcome to PokerStrategy!

      Regarding your "Too good to be true?" question, I guess you already realized it is all real :) If you want to know how everything works, then you can read our Business Model to find out more about this.

      Since you are here to improve your game, I suggest that you take advantage of all our learning tools, especially the Strategy Articles, Instructional Videos and Coaching Sessions.

      Also, don't forget to post in the forums whenever you have a question, need advice or simply want to chat with fellow poker players ;)

      Best regards,
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Matt,

      Welcome to the community.

      As vhallee's already indicated, we're all friendly here, any problems or if you want to check a particular hand/poker move etc with fellow players, just post a question and you'll soon have lots of responses :)

      Wishing you every success,