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    • akm514
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      Hi, is there a way to keep track of the bonus proccess? i just passed the quiz and created an account with Cakepoker.

      And do i need to send an i.d? cuz during the whole sign up process it never asked me to do so.

      plz reply ty
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    • drmikeB
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      I signed up with Cake 3 days ago and Cake has claimed I didn't use Poker Strategies bonus code, so if I were you I would sign up with another poker room just in case. I ended up having to do it and am guessing I am now at the bottom of the processing list again.

      Good luck once you get your bank roll!
    • Chiller3k
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      Hi akm514,

      Did you check your emails, maybe you have to send your ID first.
      Once you send it it can take up to 96 hours until you'll get your 50$.
      Did you enter all required information in your profile
      Did you enter all required information in your poker account.
      Are you living in the USA (we can't send the money to players that are currently living in the USA)

      Maybe you should also check your tickets (right hand side)
      Maybe the support tried to contact you

      Best regards,
    • SoyCD
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      Hello akm514,

      I am not sure what is causing the delay with your account - just that the support has apparently not processed your request yet. It is good that you have already written a ticket - as that would have been my suggestion. If there is no reaction by tomorrow please post in the forum again so that I can contact the support directly.

      Best regards