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party and sharkscope?

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    • Gimme4
      Joined: 24.05.2006 Posts: 7
      Sharkscope is GREAT!!!

      It's so easy to manipulate what people see! All you have to do is the following.

      Step 1 : get together with a friend and decide who wants to be seen as a "Shark" (winning player) and who wants to be seen as a "Fish" (losing player).

      Step 2 : Play against your friend and let the "Shark" always win. Make sure yat you never see a flop (no Rake)
      Step 3 : get the "shark" to transfer cash back to the "Fish".
      Step 4 : Use you "Image" correctly
    • Gregorfelicijan
      Joined: 03.11.2007 Posts: 18
      :f_thumbsup: :f_thumbsup: :f_thumbsup:
    • vindu
      Joined: 16.04.2008 Posts: 205
      Originally posted by travoltaJOHNy
      Does your accounts stats is showed normally in sharkscope? My one shows absolute nonsense :(
      yep, my results are bit different than those shown by sharkscope :f_cool: .

      On the other hand things are improoving in that case from some time. Just use HM or PT3 and remember that, if you're shown as a loosing player by a shark you will get less credit for your move by regs, depending on stakes you're playing at.