[NL20-NL50] Big draw out of position

    • MargaretaG
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      Full Tilt Poker Game #11863284666: Table Ham (deep) - $0.10/$0.25 - No Limit Hold'em - 8:35:14 ET - 2009/04/25
      Seat 1: RespectTheTony ($26.66)
      Seat 2: Grrs ($49.68)
      Seat 3: jacktharibba ($54.33)
      Seat 4: manabird ($25)
      Seat 5: BoumQueckirr ($37.46)
      Seat 6: sketcher40 ($49.73)
      Seat 7: WMMAJO ($51.70)
      Seat 8: Marose78 ($15.07)
      Seat 9: Kirsan ($27.04)
      Grrs posts the small blind of $0.10
      jacktharibba posts the big blind of $0.25
      The button is in seat #1
      *** HOLE CARDS ***
      Dealt to Grrs [5d Qd]
      manabird folds
      BoumQueckirr folds
      sketcher40 calls $0.25
      WMMAJO folds
      Marose78 calls $0.25
      Kirsan folds
      RespectTheTony folds
      Grrs calls $0.15
      jacktharibba checks
      *** FLOP *** [6d 3d 2s]
      Grrs checks
      jacktharibba bets $0.50
      sketcher40 calls $0.50
      Marose78 folds
      Grrs raises to $2.25
      jacktharibba folds
      sketcher40 has 15 seconds left to act
      sketcher40 has requested TIME
      sketcher40 calls $1.75
      *** TURN *** [6d 3d 2s] [Qs]
      Grrs has 15 seconds left to act
      Grrs bets $3.75
      sketcher40 folds
      Uncalled bet of $3.75 returned to Grrs
      Grrs mucks
      Grrs wins the pot ($5.70)
      *** SUMMARY ***
      Total pot $6 | Rake $0.30
      Board: [6d 3d 2s Qs]
      Seat 1: RespectTheTony (button) didn't bet (folded)
      Seat 2: Grrs (small blind) collected ($5.70), mucked
      Seat 3: jacktharibba (big blind) folded on the Flop
      Seat 4: manabird didn't bet (folded)
      Seat 5: BoumQueckirr didn't bet (folded)
      Seat 6: sketcher40 folded on the Turn
      Seat 7: WMMAJO didn't bet (folded)
      Seat 8: Marose78 folded on the Flop
      Seat 9: Kirsan didn't bet (folded)

      first time i post a hand. What is the best way to play in this situation, what to do i a brick come on the turn instead the Q .. im a litle fish:)
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    • veriz
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      Please use hand converter, it's horrible to read such hand.

      Flop: I would rather prefer to Call on flop because it's a freeplay but I think it's fine to raise there also with such monsterdraw.

      Best regards,
    • Dragar
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      $0.1/$0.25 Deep No Limit Holdem
      9 players
      Converted at weaktight.com

      UTG manabird ($25.00)
      UTG+1 BoumQueckirr ($37.46)
      MP1 sketcher40 ($49.73)
      MP2 WMMAJO ($51.70)
      MP3 Marose78 ($15.07)
      CO Kirsan ($27.04)
      BTN RespectTheTony ($26.66)
      SB Hero ($49.68)
      BB jacktharibba ($54.33)

      Pre-flop: ($0.35, 9 players) Hero is SB 5:diamond: Q:diamond:
      2 folds, sketcher40 calls $0.25, 1 fold, Marose78 calls $0.25, 2 folds, Hero calls $0.15, jacktharibba checks

      Flop: 6:diamond: 3:diamond: 2:spade: ($1, 4 players)
      Hero checks, jacktharibba bets $0.50, sketcher40 calls $0.50, 1 fold, Hero raises to $2.25, jacktharibba folds, sketcher40 calls $1.75

      Turn: Q:spade: ($6, 2 players)
      Hero bets $3.75, sketcher40 folds

      Final Pot: $6

      Hero wins $9.45 ( won +$3.20 )
      jacktharibba lost -$0.75
      sketcher40 lost -$2.50
      Marose78 lost -$0.25
    • darkonebg
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      Calling with a suited cards here is fine, given the limpers.
      However, I wouldnt be playing my draw aggressively in a multiway limped pot.That being said you can c/c flop and c/c turn after you improve for top pair + fd + gutshot.
      As played, even if you didnt catch a Q on the turn, you could bet as he is most probably drawing or having a one pair type of hand, given that he just flatted your flop raise on such a drawy board.Make it around 1/2 pot so you have good odds to hit, and if raised, proceed odds wise.

      Best regards,

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