Beginner rule #1

    • doironijs233
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      RULE NUMBER 1,DO NOT GO INTO THE CASINO SECTION AHHH NEVER EVER EVER EVER! stick to poker :D please I turned 2$ into 150$ then went right back to 50$ and learned really fast how casinos make YOUR money I mean their money ???or do i mean that

      Rule#2 thou shalt remember rule #1 at all times and avoid casino impulses
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello doironijs233,

      I can only agree... Playing Casino games is like burning money. It is and will always be -EV

      Stick to poker and you will know that you can have an edge ;)

      Best regards
    • bobdefete
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      Yeah I refered a friend to PS, he got his starting capital to Titan so we can play against each others.

      Then one day I ask him if he want me to beat him in a game :)
      the funny thing is that hes way better than me
      he has 38% ROI , 25.10$ profit in 20 games , not 100% BRM but at least he was good !

      So back to the story, I ask him to play and he told me that he had lost his entire bankroll playing casino games in Titan while playing a tourney. The sad part is that he thought these casinos were free games lol.

      Hope its a lesson for everyone, Casinos are *like* cheaters, they do everything to win :)

      * you can remove this word :)