No limit or fixed limit?

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      I am taking a break from poker because I haven't much time to study and play it at the moment. I am a FL player, but started to think about NL and don't know what to do - start learning it or not. At the beginning I played freerolls and earned few $, then played SNG's and one day played NL. I went broke. Again I earned some $ from freerolls, played SNG's and again NL cash - went broke again. Then my classmate recomended to play FL - said this is gold mine :D I thought, really it maybe and I will not go broke so fast while learning. At that time I thought it has smaller variance than NL but I think I was wrong (not 100% sure yet). Then I found pokerstrategy and chose FL without thinking :) Never went broke after that because I found out BRM and follwed it because I already knew what happens if you don't follow it :)

      So there is some advantages of starting to learn NL:

      :diamond: Players have a better edge over your opponent there than in FL
      :diamond: There is more players in NL (=more fishes? )
      :diamond: More fun when fish bluffs with bad hand and you catch him

      And disadvantages:

      :diamond: I am playing on mansion and I heard there is to much shortstacks (I should move my BR to ather platform but I have not many platforms to choose (I have untracked accounts on Party, Fulltilt, Stars, maybe some other that I don't remember now).
      :diamond: I have some basic knowledge on FL and if I spend the time studying basic acticles on NL it means I could study more advanced articles on FL and become better at it (I don't have so much time in my life for everything :) )

      It would be nice to hear your thoughts.
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