100% up $1,000 bonus

    • thunderbird56
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      This made me feel quite happy so I just want to share the feeling with you ;)

      I just emailed Party to inform them that I would move my home to Full Tilt because I was not happy with their reward system. And I was really impressed by how fast they responded. Just 10 mins later, I got an email with the subject "Response from your VIP team" and they told me that they really wished me to stay with them, and for that they had added a 100% up to $1,000 bonus to my account. And the release condition is just amazing: it will be paid in 4 payments and each payment is just for 2.5 times in PartyPoints. That means I'll get 250$ for each 625 PartyPoints I collect. That's nice and definitely make me to stay with them. :D
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