No deposit + rakeback + deposit bonus?

    • doironijs233
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      is it possible to receive rakeback and a sign up bonus ? if i already got the free 50$ ?Or do i have to get it from another site ?

      To avoid confusion I will lay out an example,I received 50$ free from partypoker so if I deposit 100$ can i still receive a sign up bonus plus rakeback or just rakeback or the bonus ?

      Or because I received 50$ free from party poker i cannot receive anything from the same site ? help me
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    • Chiller3k
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      Hi doironijs233,

      partypoker doesn't offer rakeback.
      And as far as I know you aren't eligible for a first deposit bonus when you got your starting capital on party poker. But partypoker sometimes offers reload bonuses. You could try to get one of those.

      Best regards,
    • flopraiser
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      Can almost forget any reload bonus unless they give you 6 months to clear it if your playing on the micro limits. I got offered a no deposit $150 bonus after clearing the poker strategy bonuses. To clear it on NL5 I need to play 69600 raked hands (approx 150k hands in total) Released in 5 increments of $30 I won't even clear the first of them playing 2 tables 2 hours a night, whole bonus expires after 30 days.
    • SoyCD
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      Hello doironijs233,

      Depending on the site you are playing at you can get both the starting capital & future bonuses (e.g. on Mansion or Titan you can use a first deposit bonus even if you received the capital). You used to be able to also do this on PartyPoker but I am not sure of their current regulations. Their support will probably be able to tell you if you currently still have an open first deposit bonus.

      As for rakeback; PartyPoker is a site that has a loyalty program. This is kind of like rakeback - but conceptually different in that your rakeback increases the more you play and the longer you play at the site. Everyone that plays there participates in the loyalty program - which co-exists next to any bonuses you are currently clearing.

      For more information on our partner rooms and their loyalty programs or the rakeback we offer, go here:

      Best regards