how stupid is this

    • tcs35
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      i played a heads up sng, i took him down to 60 chips on the second hand. he went all in every hand after and i called each time. each time i had the best hand, i.e k9, a8, etc.. he eventually one like 5 all ins in a row and beat me.. stupid shit game..
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    • Schnitzelfisch
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      rigged obviously.
    • Pe4Ce2
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      That happens, its poker ...
    • soonish
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      OMG so incredible
    • bordzter
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      it happens.

      i experienced it at times in some SNG ( i wont mention the site anymore)... was heads up and had him down to less than the blinds and he came all the way back...

      and most of the time i have the upperhand... hands like AT, K9, AQ even...

      anyway i have realized that its all pert of poker...

      am not playing for a while now so i can recover from the massive downswing... am focused on reading the materials i patiently compiled and printed out from PS... :D :D :D
    • SheepMoose
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      OUTRAGEOUS. You mean you actually called every single time?
    • andyb43
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      Originally posted by SheepMoose
      OUTRAGEOUS. You mean you actually called every single time?
      Me thinks you're onto somrthing here Holmes.............. :P
    • Heffron89
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      This is something I often notice, when I play heads up and someone got like 100 chip left he allways win the flips even 80/20 underdog
    • Mstlc
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      Originally posted by SheepMoose
      OUTRAGEOUS. You mean you actually called every single time?
      That's pretty standard afaik?

      If you have your opponent covered 10:1 or more you should call with any 2 cards. Even with with 72 VS AK you still have 30-35% chance to win the pot.

      Example from the original post:
      In a 9man SnG on PS there's 13500 chips in play.
      AI1: 13440 - 60 => 224:1
      AI2: 13380 - 120 => 111:1
      AI3: 13260 - 240 => 55:1
      AI4: 13020 - 480 => 27:1
      AI5: 12540 - 960=> 13:1

      So calling all-in 5 times in a row with effectively any two cards is standard there afaik. Even if you get it in with 2 undercards every time vs 2 overcards it's quite likely that one of those hands will be on the 30-35% side rather then the 65-70% side.