bonus dollars

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    • travoltaJOHNy
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      I think you are thinking about TAF bonus dollars? It's not for you it's for the player who gave you a link to the site.
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi PatrikLarsson,

      Normally bonuses have a set time period in which to release, but often more than just the one calendar month. They vary from site to site.

      If you could let us have a bit more information, e.g. which poker site? is this the first $50 starting capital you are clearing or a matching bonus etc? we'll be able help you/point you in the right direction more.

      Best regards,


      Edit: Travolta quicker on the keyboard than me lol, but still applies, which bonus are you looking at?
    • PatrikLarsson
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      It is the strategy point bonus at Titan poker where you get 10 dollars per 36 points on a limited period of time.
      The starting 50 dollars plus 100 dollars to collect with strategy points you get from suffient rake from cash games.
    • PatrikLarsson
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      okey now i get it the 100 dollar bonus expieres after 3 months but the 50 dollar stays right?
    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hello Patrick,

      In order to clear the $50 + $100 bonus from PokerStrategy the following criteria has to be met:

      The 50$ bonus:

      To clear the 50$ you'll have to collect 2500 TitanPoints.

      The 100$ bonus:

      After you have received the $50 starting capital you can earn the $100 bonus (so you can clear both bonuses parallel). You will receive $10 of the bonus for every $35 in rake that you produce.

      You have 3 months time, from the moment that you receive the starting capital, to clear the entire $100 bonus. If you haven't cleared the entire bonus by the end of 3 months, whatever remains of it will expire.

      That means you need to accumulate 2500TP and 350$ rake to clear the entire 50$+ 100$ Bonus.

      I hope this makes it a bit clearer.

      Kind Regards,