Passed the quiz, got a question regarding the poker site I am able to register to!

    • Muurad18
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      Hi guys, i've just came across this site and desided to give it a go!, never played for real money on the internet, only with my friends at home, but still at low stakes orso.

      I just passed the quiz in my 2nd attempt and wanted to ask something.

      After I passed it, i got a msg :
      "Attention: Please bear in mind that you aren't allowed to have previously registered an account on the site of your choice. If this should be the case, please choose a different poker site. "

      Now, I havn't ever played for real money, meaning I never actually deposited any money of my own into any site, but, I have for example won a few invitational tournements in Poker stars for example, and had at some point actuall money in an account.

      So can I create a new account through this site and i'll still recieve the money?

      Or if I deside to play at Pokerparty, I also had an account there, but only played for play-money, so would I be able to make a new account there aswell?

      Sorry for all the question, I just really want this to work for me, so i'm triple checking everything!

      Thank you all, and have a nice day :) , Or.
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    • JJsuitedVich
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      i dont think you can have ins stars but
      in party poker you can make another account if you didnt enter your personal info there

      if yes
      choose another room
      full tilt the best
    • Muurad18
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      well my problem is due to my internet there are some places I can't play in in certien times cause it lags quite often.. thanks for answering m8!
    • Jonaton
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      I am almost certain that if you have ever had any account with the poker site , play money or not you may not have another account made for real money through Poker Strategy.

      Do not create a second account at any poker site as if you are caught they usually will close them both as it is clearly stated in their terms of service you may absolutely not have more than 1.
    • MrMardyBum
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      Not always.... I emailed FTP support and requested they upgrade me to 16 tables and they found an old account that I'd had (didn't have rakeback) and two that my ex fiancee had and they emailed me back and said... Your request has been processed and you can now use 16 tables, but we have closed the following accounts.


      Should you want the money that's in the account transfered to your main screen name, just email from the respective email addresses you used to create those accounts.

      So, I guess not every poker room are anal about it. Plus, I got to close the ex fiancees account without doing anything wrong... Lol.... But they thought I had 4 accounts and didn't really blink an eye at it.

    • SoyCD
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      Hey Muurad18,

      You will not be able to create a new account at PokerStars since for them playmoney accounts are the same as real money accounts. As such you will have to choose another room on which to receive your free starting capital. At PartyPoker you can mail their support and ask them to close your old playmoney account. They are more lenient in this regard and have at least in the past closed old playmoney accounts.

      Best regards