Are the players at the big tables on Mansion real?

    • drmikeB
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      I am just starting out at Mansion, but I do enjoy watching people play the big tables from time to time at any poker room. Anyways, I went to look on Mansion to watch some big cash tables and noticed something that just seems overly odd to me....

      At the $300/$600, $200/$400, and $150/$300 tables there seems to always be the same three players at each level at different tables (Lookoil, Stwasi, Lumpfish333). Call me crazy but why would these 3 people all sit at different tables in stead of just playing each other? I hope there is a reasonable answer to this but I will admit it seems very sketchy to me.
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    • NightFrostaSS
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      Ummm,, because regs thinks it's unprofitable to play against each other. imo.
    • Verre
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      #1) It is not profitable for Mansion to put bots at these tables. Expecially since Mansion is part of Ipoker and the money they would be "recycling" back into thier system through rake would be split amongst the other Ipoker members, gaining themselfs a net loss.

      #2) There isn't as many players playing at these limits (obviously). Your going to recognize a lot of the same people.

      #3) Like Nightfrost already said, table selection gets more important as the amount of people playing becomes less. These guys obviously know that to make maximum profit they need to avoid the other players with the same or greater level of skill.

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