Starting Capital @ Fulltilt - Support vs Security

    • Atargatis
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      Hi fellow ps'ters ,
      How are you all doing ? :D

      Today I've discovered something important about Fulltilt.

      Since my husband also play there (he is a user here) I had to send the identifaction documents , and so I did.

      It appears that the Security Verification team there is either very slow or very busy because I never got respond from them .

      BUT on the other side , their support team are fast to act , every time I emailed support (updated them that I've send the docs and verified my account) they responded very fast (2-3 hours) and now finally my account is ready and verified and I'm waiting for the starting capital :heart:

      Yesterday I've watched BRB SnG Unam coaching with my husband and it was great (specially the Jelly Beans LOL . I'm pretty sure I'll play each night SnG (I'll start with 1 or maybe 2 tables , not more) .

      See you all at the tables ;)
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    • ramjack
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      Hi there,

      Just want to ask if you managed to get the $50 starting capital? I had several of my referral friends who invited theirs wives or husbands to ennroll at pokerstrategy. They were asked to give some IDs, but were still denied.
      I wish there are some ways they can re-verify their application. thanks.