Opinions on Party please?

    • rhinoneil
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      Hi all.
      You may or may not have seen from other threads I have started that I am looking for a new site to lose my money on.
      I curently play mostly at Stars but this account is not tracked to PS hence my lowly Bronze status.
      I cannot play FT because I have an old account not tracked to PS and they refuse point blank to retrack it despite the fact that I have never deposited there!
      I am looking for a site which has all or most of the following:
      1. Good traffic in both sng and nl at the lower limits ($10 -$20 sng, NL100, FL $0.50/$1)
      2. Good traffic at higher levels.
      3. Easy withdrawals to Visa
      4. Able to use Pokertracker
      5. Good rakeback or equivalent bonuses.
      6. Good first deposit bonus

      I would be grateful if you could give me your opinions of Party in respect of the above please. Many thanks.
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    • SheepMoose
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      I want to know this too.
      I love Pokerstars, but I plan on playing at party for pokerstrategy points.
    • Jonaton
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      1 Yes
      2 Yes
      3 No idea
      4 Yes
      5 No rakeback bonuses are not bad, straight cash or buy a bonus.
      6 Pretty much average

      Traffic is good, software is ok sort of cartoony. Games are pretty soft and overall it is a pretty good site in my limited playing time there.