Aaargh this is driving me nuts!!!

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      What does a guy have to do to get strategy points.
      For those people who dont know me, and there are more of those than the ones that do know me, I have been playing poker for about 5 years with varying degrees of success and failure.
      I discovered PS about 1 year ago and I love it, the whole community thing, the hand posting, strategy etc.
      My problem is this.
      In my formative years as a player I registered with a number of sites, some I played on, some never.
      I really want to play on an account that is tracked to PS so I can earn strategy points.
      I played previously on Titan and got up as far as platinum I think but I just dont like ipoker and so I want to open an account with a new linked site.
      Stars I play now, not linked.
      Ladbrokes has gone right down the pan
      FT wont retrack my old account.
      Betfair I have an old account.
      I was going to go with Party but it seems I have an account there also - never used.
      The whole thing is driving me insane and I have a wedge of cash burning a hole in my pocket.
      Please, anybody, can you come up with a suggestion or two before I just blow the money on alcohol and loose women!
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